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One van, four strangers, 17,000 miles – all for a pint in Oz? Why the hell not!
Watch their journey unfold via the map below.

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Meet the Team

  • Steven | Doncaster

    Used to be: Mechanic

    Likes: Adventure! BBQs, surfing and playing guitar

    Dislikes: Chocolate mixed with fruit i.e. chocolate raisins ‘It’s just not right’.

    Been to Oz before? No but it’s my dream to travel the entire coastline in a camper van and improve my surfing

    Furthest you’ve been from home: Spain

  • John | Kent

    Used to be: Manager of an American Diner

    Likes: Travel, meeting new people, photography

    Been to Oz before? No

    Furthest you’ve been from home:  Florida, USA

  • Priscilla | London

    Used to be: Personal Banker

    Likes: Musically trained in classical and Russian folk music, but loves old school rock on the big open road

    Been to Oz before? No

    Furthest you’ve been from home: Peru

  • Jamie | Bristol

    Used to be: Project Manager

    Likes: Trying new things, having new experiences & music

    Dislikes: Heights & not overly excited by insects

    Been to Oz before? No

    Furthest you’ve been from home:  USA